Temporary Loss of a Keyperson

There are many elements to ensuring your family is protected against the unexpected.  

These include:

  • Ensuring you have the funds to pay off your mortgage, other debt and cover final expenses should a parent die prematurely.
  • Ensuring your income continues if you are unable to work due to sickness or accident.
  • Having sufficient funds to cover expenses if you are diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • Funding the best medical care to assist in a rapid recovery.
  • Having your Estate Planning in order to ensure assets are left as you would wish, to ensure a trusted person has the power to act for you if you lose that capacity (e.g., due to an accident) and if necessary, having structures to protect your assets, for example from creditors if you are in business.

This is a complex area to navigate, and professional help is highly recommended.  One of the tools we use to protect family is personal insurance cover.  A professional adviser can help you get the best outcome/offer from the insurer, ensure you have the best insurer for your needs, and assist you at claim time.  You definitely do not want to have your family trying to look after an insurance claim for you whilst they are also coping with your illness or accident!

When putting an insurance programme in place there are many factors to consider, and this should not be left to the inexperienced, or those that have only one insurance provider to offer you.  This is particularly so if you are also a business owner or self-employed.

There are also many options which allow the tailoring of cover for your specific needs for example providing funding for a dependent caregiver, ensuring extra funds become available if your illness/accident is severe, or if you are prevented from ever returning to work.

It is also important to ensure the cost of insurance is affordable to you now, and in the long term if this is appropriate to your needs.

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