Many people believe that you need to be wealthy to be an investor - but the opposite is true as well.

You need to invest to be wealthy.

People often think they need to have money (investments) to have a need for a Financial Adviser.  The reality is the best time to engage with an investment adviser is when to are about to begin investing, whether for retirement or for another goal. 

You can start your portfolio by investing as little as $100 per week, or a $20,000 lump sum where you are not making regular monthly contributions.

Many of our clients, by following our process, have accumulated many hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions of dollars.  However most started with just a small, regular monthly investment.

We can design a custom-built portfolio for you which is both sophisticated and easy to understand.  This will help you achieve your investment goals and enable you to monitor your progress online.

We do this using our experience of the market and our bespoke financial planning software system.

Your portfolio, depending on your risk/growth profile can include cash & bonds, Australasian & Global Shares, Property and Infrastructure Funds and alternative investments.

The investment management system we use provides extensive research on fund managers to ensure only the very best are looking after your money, it allows you to hold an extensive range of investment funds, many of which are wholesale and not available to the public and use a range of investment styles.

This system will prepare the taxation reports for you, is very tax-efficient, and allows you the ability to tax-deduct the fees.